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Get Past Your Past with EMDR Coaching

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"After the EMDR, I slept very well, which I haven’t done in a long time!! " And I am really desensitized to my ex. No anger and no feeling.” - Mary

Create A New Life

1:1 Coaching using EMDR to Transform Your Life

Want to get past your past and fears?

EMDR is an evidence-based practice that rewires the brain by targeting the area surrounding your limbic system. It is much deeper than talk therapy.

Want to feel free to be authentically you?

You will feel free to make aligned choices in your life that allow for more love, time, health and wealth. Read more about what EMDR can do for you here.

Book a free consult call if you're ready for a serious change.

We will work together over the course of 3 or 6 months depending on what you want. Results are quick!

I'm honestly blown away by the EMDR!

“I've tried lots of different healing modalities over the last several years and have experienced nothing quite like this one! I have reached emotional distance, peace and acceptance around some really old relational patterns” - Nichols "

"The result will be a better and happier version of yourself!"

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Marlena! She is very knowledgeable and employed techniques that helped me to address a wide range of issues. Not just related to love life, but also issues with past loss and also dealing with my disability. I would encourage anyone to spend some time with Marlena." - Tim


A Dating Blueprint & Cheatsheet

Delivered To Your Inbox Immediately

Save Yourself Pain & Heartache

Understand Yourself More

Learn When To Commit Or Cut & Run!

Dealbreakers Blueprint

Know when to stay or go

Dating the same album with a different cover?

If you keep running into similar patterns in your dating life, you'll want this digital download to help you break the cycle.

Identify Your Values

What do you really need in relationship to feel satisfied? This digital download helps you highlight what it is you need.

Easily Create Boundaries

This cheatsheet will teach you how to create a boundary so you can spot your dealbreakers sooner rather than later.

Dealbreakers Blueprint is brilliant!!

"As someone single (since walking out of a toxic marriage) I find Marlena's Dealbreakers Blueprint very valuable in helping me clearly identify my relationship values and avoid making the mistake I made last time." Louise

Heartbreak Cure

7 Day Grief Relief Mini-Course

Videos to Guide You

Practices To Follow

Bonus Meditation Audios & EFT Tapping!

Answers to FAQ around Breakups

Heartbreak Cure

Immediate pain relief post-breakup

Did your breakup devastate you?

This course will help you find relief from your pain and help you make sense of what happened and let go. Move through the videos and practices at your own pace and it's yours to keep forever!

Stop the sadness & negative thinking fast!

Evidence-based practices are included to help you reduce the spiraling of negative thinking and feeling.

Stop the "What If's" and make peace with the past.

Packed with tons of bonus material and benefits, get this course now to get you through your breakup.

I have made more progress on my breakup with this course than with my therapist!

"Marlena is like a wise and kind girlfriend who can swiftly kick you out of the grief box and into a proactive state excited about the future rather than feeling stuck reliving the past." - Wendy