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Stop Desperate Dating & Effortlessly Attract Your Person with EMDR, Spiritual & Practical Dating Coaching

4 Sessions To Rewire Your Brain

Get Past Your Past with EMDR Coaching

Use Positive Psychology to Rewire Your Brain

Tailored For You Meditation Audio To Keep Forever!

Text & Email Access for Support Between Sessions


"I found our sessions so helpful and I find myself making very purposeful choices in dating and reflecting on what I am looking for in a partner and putting out into the world what I want to attract.” - Christy

1:1 Coaching using EMDR to Transform Your Love Life

Have you experienced the sting of rejection?

The agony of heartache?

First date, second date, or 10th date jitters?

Fear of having a tough conversation?

The dread of still being single?

Wouldn't it be nice to bring relief to past hurts?

To feel confident again?

To have real, not faking it till you make it, kind of hope again?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and it helps desensitize people to distress and become free of their fears. EMDR brings health and healing to a wide variety of issues.

EMDR targets a region of the brain surrounding the limbic system, so it's much deeper than regular "talk therapy" that engages the prefrontal cortex. And the effects are permanent. You can read more about my work and the benefits of EMDR here.

Fill out an EMDR application & let's chat about your needs!

I'm honestly blown away by the EMDR!

“I've tried lots of different healing modalities over the last several years and have experienced nothing quite like this one! I have reached emotional distance, peace and acceptance around some really old relational patterns” - Nichols



Make A Profile That Makes You Proud!

Pictures, Video, & Audio Review of Your Profile

Create a Knockout Bio (that's not cringey)

Learn What Attracts More of What You Want

Learn What Repels Who You Want & Don't Want

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1:1 30 min coaching session To polish your profile

Online dating can be disappointing and frustrating.

But BEFORE you delete the apps again (b/c you will re-download them, I see you!), let's make it FUN. Create a profile you feel AMAZING about, and that's more likely to ATTRACT better matches for you!

50.8 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE U.SARE ONLINE DATING IN 2022! So why is it so hard to catch that fish? It's not because you aren't good enough. And the good ones aren't taken or gay!

Polish & perfect your profile to get off the apps fast to grow that connection IRL. Many online daters miss the boat entirely when it comes to creating their profile because it doesn't show the REAL person behind the profile. Contrary to popular belief, online dating is not about quantity, it's about quality & INTENTION.

Get off the apps fast to grow that connection IRL by booking a 30 min call to polish that profile now!

After the EMDR, I slept very well, which I haven’t done in a long time!!

“And I am really desensitized to my ex. No anger and no feeling.” - Mary

6 Week Masterclass + 4 1:1 EMDR Coaching

Make Lasting Connections & Permanent Changes

Live & Recorded Weekly Sessions

Accountability Partners Through the Course

Weekly Worksheets, Home Practices & BONUSES!

Email Access to Instructor During Course

8 Week Masterclass: Your Guide to Healthy Love

Are you OVER being single?

You don't want to settle and are beginning to wonder, is this all there is?

You'd like to find a good fit and you know you deserve it. You're tired of being the single friend. You're wondering if it's okay to be the crazy cat lady.

If this sounds like you then, this is THE GROUP to MANIFEST LOVE and rewire your brain for love. Experience a group of like-minds while still receiving the benefits of 1:1 coaching to rewire your brain for love.

Fun, interactive, and wise, this Masterclass will change the way you think and how you behave towards love.

Packed with tons of bonus material and benefits, join the small intimate and powerful group of spiritual singles who are calling in and manifesting love!

Join the waitlist and read more about what all is included HERE!

I found the sessions enlightening.

“Marlena taught me the tools that will keep me grounded so that I stay on my authentic path of truth, healing, peace and joy. I will definitely be practicing and incorporating the exercises into my daily life!”