Stop Desperate dating & Effortlessly Attract Your Person

With EMDR, Spiritual & Practical Dating Coaching




Pay in Full Discounts or Payment Plans Available

8 or 4, 1 hr/weekly or Every Other Week Sessions

Text & Email Access for Support Between Sessions

Using Positive Psychology to Rewire Your Brain

Past Your Past! Start Thriving in Your Love Life!


"Today, I walk much lighter. I feel confident in my skills to excel in my new leadership position at my new firm. I’m taking on new challenges for which I’m already receiving positive acknowledgement. Today, my fiancé and I are happily engaged. And while no relationship is perfect, I feel confident we have the love and tools to be better together every day." Ana

"I recently completed 4 sessions of EMDR with her and I'm honestly blown away. Marlena holds a powerful container for whatever to come up. She has a deep trust in the process and the intelligence of your inner knowing to guide the process. I've tried lots of different

healing modalities over the last several years and have experienced nothing quite like this one! I could say so much, but ultimately feel like I have reached deeper layers and emotional distance, peace and acceptance around some really old relational patterns."


Rewire Your Brain for love

1:1 Coaching using EMDR to Transform Your Love Life

The effects of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) are truly amazing as I've seen people make 180 degree changes in their lives! Also these changes are known to be permanent! Here are some of the benefits EMDR is known for:

  1. -Rewire your brain to think more positively

  2. -Overcome fears and anxieties (e.g. fear of rejection, imposter syndrome)

  3. -Shift from "I'm not good enough" to "I'm f*cking awesome!"

  4. -Get you unstuck and mobilize you to act instead of avoid

  5. -Unify who you are with who you want to be

  6. -Experiencing lasting positive change in your beliefs, energy, & behaviors

  7. -Build confidence and calm 

  8. -Reach new insights and wisdom about yourself

  9. -Transform your ability to give and receive love

  10. -Desensitize yourself to your ex and/or other triggers (imagine running into him/her and feeling nothing!)

Over the course of our work together, we will have the opportunity to root out what is no longer working for you and replace it with healthy and adaptive beliefs and behaviors. Depending on your needs, the longer package may allow us to explore other aspects of your life that may be interfering with your love life and use EMDR to work through it so that you feel confident, happy, & whole.

Be deeply committed to loving yourself to bring love in. Set up a free 20 minute consult call with me by clicking the calendar link below to see if EMDR for love is right for you.


LoveLife Lab + 1:1

Pay in Full Discounts or Payment Plans Available

All LoveLife Lab Benefits! Total of 10 Coaching Sessions!

4 Private Individual Sessions Using EMDR

Virtual Sessions, Scheduled at Your Convenience

Email & Text Access For In-between Session Support

Dive Deeper Into Love

LoveLife Lab + 1:1 Work for Maximum Effect

Attract Love + Identify & Breakthrough Negative Dating Patterns.

This is the best bang for your buck as you receive both the benefits of the LoveLife Lab Masterclass teachings and community AND EMDR to help you rewire your brain. Here's what you get:

  1. -Call in your partner and more! Read about the Masterclass below

  2. -Receive personalized and private attention for your core issues

  3. -Get expertly led through Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) + positive psychology to rewire your brain (see above for more information on EMDR)

  4. -Release negative beliefs about yourself, others, and the world

  5. -Reestablish hope grounded in truth and practicality for your love life

These individual sessions can happen weekly through the course of the group or be added onto once group has ended. You decide when to schedule based on your needs and what comes up.

Engage now in lasting, transformation for your love life for the most value.


Lab & 1:1

Pay in Full Discounts or Payment Plans Available (Next course starts in spring 2023)

All of LoveLife Lab + Intimate 1:1 sessions

4 Private Individual Sessions Using EMDR

Virtual Sessions, Scheduled at Your Convenience

Email & Tex Access For More Support



6 Week Masterclass

LoveLife Lab

Pay in Full Discounts or Payment Plans Available (Starting Spring 2023)

6 Sessions Once/Week, Recorded for Later Viewing

Accountability Partners Through the Course

Weekly Worksheets & Home Practice

Email Access to Instructor During Course

LoveLife Lab

6 Week Masterclass: Guide to Healthy Love

Experience the profound healing effects of connection & intimacy by:

  1. -Learning how to visualize & feel love in your body to feel whole

  2. -Understanding why & how to create space in your life to call love in

  3. -Developing your own values & creating your red & green flags for dating

  4. -Meeting your person in the quantum field in a guided meditation

  5. -Crafting a spiritual meditation practice to anchor you in love

  6. -Taking practical steps in your dating life to replicate even after group

Meeting weekly for 1 hour over the course of 6 weeks. You will be paired with an accountability partner for deeper connection and support, have email access to the instructor throughout, and have worksheets with home practices to integrate your learning.

It's time to make the changes you need to attract in a healthy, loving relationship.

LoveLife Lab Testimonials....

"I loved the potency of the exercises and the meditations. I didn't realize how much I needed this until I did it all. Wow, this shit works!" - N.M.

"I feel confident and content. Initially I felt like something was missing, but now I feel complete. . .I am relishing in connecting with my person spiritually and energetically." - Mary

"What’s been most helpful for me is how practical it’s been, I love that there’s a spiritual element and it also feels really grounded. .. the weekly practices are really grounded things that you can be doing." - Steve

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